Chronology of Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi

1816 120 Dollars were donated in the name of the “Penang Tua Sai Yah Public Fund” to the home village in China for the restoration of the Cheng Soon Keong.
1835 528 Dollars were collected among the 102 clansmen to establish the Ee Kok Tong.
1850 Purchased the present premise.
1851 Converted the local bungalow into the clanhouse and named it as Leong San Tong.
1860~1867 Khoo Thean Teik became the leader of Kean Teik Tong.
1863~1867 Collected donation from each branch to update The Genealogy of the Sin Kang Khoo and Chan Clans.
1867 The alliance of the Kean Teik Tong (the Tua Pek Kong Hoey) and the Red Flag fought against the alliance of the Ghee Hin Kongsi and the White Flag in the Penang Riot which lasted for ten days (3/8~14/8).
1868 Khoo Thean Teik was arrested and sentenced to death but was released seven years later.
1881 Together with the Cheah Kongsi and the Yeoh Kongsi they formed the Sam Quaye Tong.
1884 Toon Boon Tong Khoo Kongsi was founded.
1894 Spent Ten Thousand Dollars for the rebuilding of Leong San Tong.
1901 The completed new building was razed by fire on Chinese New Year’s Eve.
1902 Launched a four-year project to rebuild Leong San Tong.
1904 The emergence of English-educated trustees.
1906 The completion of the present Leong San Tong.
1907 The clan school, the “Two-Grade Elementary School of the Khoo Clan,” was set up in Leong San Tong.
1909 The Self-Protecting Society of the Khoo Clan was founded.
1910 The school borrowed classrooms from Chung Hwa Confucian School to conduct classes.
1914 The school moved to Nos. 89, 91, 93 and 95 Victoria Street and adopted the new name, Sin Kang School.
1914 Khoo Heng Kok graduated in law from Gray’s Inn, University of London. He was the first Khoo graduate from an overseas university.
1917/1919 The existing leadership system was abolished and a board consisting of 24 trustees was formed.
1920 Bought the 379-acre Thean Teik Estate from the descendant of Khoo Thean Teik and allocated 17 acres of it for the clan cemetery.
1926 Refurbishing of Leong San Tong.
1941 The Pacific War. Khoo Kongsi and Sin Kang School stopped operating during the Japanese Occupation.
1953 New building of Sin Kang School was built in Thean Teik Estate.
1954 Sin Kang School was opened to non-Khoo students.
1955 Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi was registered as an association. A committee was set up for the restoration of Leong San Tong.
1956 Sin Kang Building was constructed at Weld Quay.
1958 Sin Kang School was nationalised.
1959 The first restoration celebration of Leong San Tong.
1965 Resumed the allocation of scholarship to clan children.
1969 Termination of the quasi-banking service.
1976 Changed from a registered Society to incorporation of “Trustees of Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi (Penang) Registered.”
1983 Joint venture agreement signed between Trustees of Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi (Penang) Registered and Perumahan Falim (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. to develop Thean Teik Estate.
1987 Repair of the roof of Leong San Tong.
1993 Demolished the old building of Sin Kang School and replaced it with a three-storey block.
1995~1997 Donated a sum of RM2.5 million for the rebuilding of the Cheng Soon Keong in Sin Aun, China.
1996 Sin Kang Building at Weld Quay was demolished and rebuilt as a ten-storey block.
1996~1997 Repair of the Opera Stage.
1997~1999 Diversification of Kongsi’s investment’s into Estates Management.
1999 A columbarium complex was set up beside the Sin Kang Khoo Clan Cemetery.
1999~2001 Second major restoration of Leong San Tong, costing more than RM4.2 million.