Khoo Kongsi shines bright and beautiful

17 November 2012

KHOO Kongsi’s sprawling courtyard was aglow with lights re cently for a night of cultural music that drew hundreds of tourists.

The event was organised by the Penang Global Tourism.

Khoo Kongsi switches on its lights on the last Saturday of each month to wow tourists who don’t normally have access at night to the historical temple at Cannon Square.

Local and foreign tourists were delighted with the opportunity to watch Khoo Kongsi at night, and they were not disappointed.

This time around, the Phor Tay Ex-Pupils Dance Group entertained the crowd as the temple was beautifully lighted up.

The dance troupe performed a string of lively dances such as the ribbon, red drum, Miao ethnic, Chinese handkerchief and Yunnan province dances.

The troupe also danced to songs such as Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Buka Cinta, and Dondang Sayang.

There were stalls selling handicraft, accessories and clothes, as well as food for those wanting to have a meal while they watched the performances.

Swedish tourist Josef Steveneson, 56, who was with a group of European tourists, was delighted with the performances.

“I heard this splendid temple is usually not open at night, so I seized the opportunity when the tourist guide invited me to come here tonight.

“The temple is truly beautiful all lighted up at night. The courtyard is nice and spacious, the stage immaculately decorated, and the entertainment something to be treasured,” he said.